Emotional Wellbeing 12 week Course using Golf to understand and support Diversity within Friendships

Together, using the characters of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, and Golf, we have run a 12 week course that enabled young people the opportunity to come out of their comfort Zone, learn a new skill and develop them selves through supporting others.

This course has enabled the young people to reflect on how they can be within a group, what they need to do to adjust and work as a team player, how to enable others to grow within the group through communication and acceptance of each other as the programme moved forward. 

Each character's individuality has been brought to the forefront of the group and been embedded into learning about the game of Golf and being part of a team.

Winnie the Pooh - Accepting of everyone and reassuring

Christopher Robin - Loyal and rsponisible

Piglet - calm and patient

Eeyore - Consistent yet an individual

Tigger - Adventurous and challenging

Kanga - Nurturing and understanding

Roo - Playful and respectful

Owl - Insightful and realistic

Rabbit - Honest and strict