SandStory Skills Training

Working alongside both Children and Young People is one of the most inspirational jobs going and when they are unhappy, uncertain or worried it is sometimes hard to find ways of getting them to talk. 

Using the skills found through this course will enable door ways of communciation to be opened and will keep everyone involved SAFE.....

Story telling at it's safest.

Welcome to your first step in becoming a Registered Sand Story Skills® Practitioner, by completing this 2 day in person training you will learn to be able to hold safely our young people and allow them to begin to explore and express their thoughts and feelings. My name is Jane and I am a Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer. I have worked for many years in creative way with both children and young people and this course has been developed especially to help anyone who works in this field to help the emotional wellbeing of these young people. And you do not need to be a therapist.... Within this training you will learn the 5 stages in SandStory Skills®, you will experientially learn and be able to transfer these skills to other forms of play support.

What is Sand story Skills® ?

Sand Story Skills® is a method of enabling children and young people to tell their stories in an safe contained way. The aim is to keep the child/young person 'up' at a conscious level and for the practitioner to work directively, gently and safely with them. Initially sand is used within a container, but the skills you will be taught are transferrable and can also be used as a table top activities and we will be exploring this more in the next course (Level 2)


Training Details......what happens next?

Learn The Theory 

Experiential play to find the Energies in the Sand

Buddy up with a colleague and tell your story in the Sand and listen to there story.

Write a reflective piece aound your understanding

GO LIVE, run a session and then connect back with me for a Supervision Session 

Who would be able to use Sand Story Skills?

Childminders -  LSA's/ELSA's - SENCO's - Residential Support Workers Care/Support Workers - Behaviour Support Workers - Teachers - Family Support Workers -  Forest School Workers

What will you be covering throughout the 2 day training,

What are Sand Story Skills

The Genesis of SandStory Skills

How to qualify as a SandStory Skills Practitioner

Experiential Play with sand

Your Safe Remit - The Play Therapy Dimension Model

The Energies within the Sand Structure of 5 method of working.

Creative time

Table top alternatives.


Awesome, breaking news just in: the lovely Jane Manners has successfully qualified as a 'Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer'! Jane poured her heart and soul into creating her bespoke training and will run it in-person to professionals who support young people - and from there will expand the training to meet the needs of other professionals. A brilliant job, Jane - with many new skills and experiences gained! Lx


I felt working with Sand a bit scary at first which sounds daft, but as an Adult you know it has different connotations. Jane talked me through it and something clicked. I understood that both the sand and symbols was where i felt everyone around me was based. The symbols, I found were based on the characters of the individuals and even subtle differences like having someone behind me meant a whole new meaning. It has made me look at how i saw work and the dynamics of the team around me differently and how I could work with people in different ways. It has also made me realise how much other people's actions had an affect on me whether that be a positive or negative and how i could change things to make work/life better for me. I am looking forward to using this skill from my toolkit, as working with children with disabilities , the sensory input will enable and support them with there communication, their emotional needs and wishes. It could also be used for teams and individuals as a reflective exercise to see how they work within a team. I wouldn't of been able to recognise any of this with Jane's help, she's been fab. SC RSW


This training was both both fun and opened up a new way of communication. I felt supported and held by both the others in the group and Jane. I honestly did not know what to expect from this but I am both surprised and looking forward to seeing the impact this training will have on the children that I work with. TW Nursery Practitioner


Course dates for 2022 are:

Sat 29th & Sun 30th January 2022

Sat 26th & Sun 27th March 2022

Sat 28th & Sun 29th May 2022

Sat 30th & Sun 31st July 2022

Sat 24th & Sun 25th Sept 2022

Sat 26th & Sun 27th Nov 2022