Supervision is about looking at things form a new perspective.......


As your Supervisor, there will be times that i will become your teacher, i will encourage you to share your knowledge by asking questions so that together we can see what we need to explore further.

As your Supervisor, i will become your facilitator, and give you appropriate space to develop your emotional support mechanisms.

As your Supervisor, i will become your consultant and within this role we will explore new options of working, ones that you will comfortable with and you can practice these on me...

Also, as your Supervisor, together we will evaluate your learning and where necessary i will challenge your growth, through creative interventions.

And finally, as your Supervisor, i get to be an administrator, this means that i have to commit to give you space, time and regular supervision to make sure that remain the best that you can be. 

These Supervisor roles I have found from studying Creative Supervision and would like to reference them,

found in Creative Supervision across Modalities, edited Anna Chesner and Lia Zografou.