Welcome to an opportunity to change your outlook and your way of being with yourself.


Hi, I'm Jane

An Creative Counselling Practitioner, Creative Supervisor and Trainer with a real passion for helping undividuals find themselves.

During our sessions together, you may be offered the opportunity to look at your unique story using creative interventions to help you discover more about yourself.

These creative interventions could include, 

Nesting Dolls - to help us address the differing Aspects of Self.

Masks  - to enable us to see how we present to the world.

Sand Tray Work - to enable us to see the bigger picture.

Cards & Images - to help us to find the missing words.   



Creativity opens new connections it helps to re balance our Brains.

I'm a trained Counsellor and Supervisor,

I work creatively to enable individuals to look at their lives with a new perspective. By using different choice of mediums we can explore your world in a safe and therapeutic way. As a creative therapist i find that individuals can find a new perspective on how they see things in their lives.

 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi